TikTok Users Can Now Make More Money On The App By Adding Content Behind Paywalls

TikTok is giving its users the chance to generate more revenue by adding content that’s supported by paywalls.

The leading social media app was seen speaking about how it had massive plans for expansion of its much talked about Series feature. This was last launched in the month of March and was up for grabs to only a few selected individuals.

The endeavor includes a paywall offering to the platform that is quite similar to other top apps including OnlyFans. The goal is to enable creators to lock all sorts of content that’s exclusive in nature so users end up paying to view it. Moreover, creators can then add a price tag to content that includes $1 to $190 as well as some content that’s called premium. It could be nearly 20 minutes in duration and that’s double the 10-minute limit that a lot of people have.

This kind of expansion is giving rise to new kinds of methods for monetization to those located in selected parts of the nation and reaching the age limit for eligibility including a fan following of at least 10k. Similarly, they are required to be up to the mark for viewership too.

Those with less than 1000 followers are also encouraged to apply but they need to meet the other requirements set forward to the initiative by putting out content that’s exclusive and on sale in other places. However, such a practice will not ensure they attain approval.

Remember, premium content is the latest means for creators of the app to generate revenue through content published on the platform. But when it comes down to historical means, creators are getting upset about not getting paid enough.

Moreover, they’re similarly comparing their results to payments made from other leading apps such as YouTube. For instance, a lot of people are complaining that they are making close to nothing in terms of viral content and we’re talking pennies.

We saw the firm set out a new revamped type of fund that was dubbed the Creativity Program. This only needed videos of longer duration so that they could meet the order for qualification.

It seems like a good plan so far and one that was of the essence. Remember, with so much competition around, it only makes sense as to why apps are going the extra mile to please their users.

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