TikTok Tests New Video Script Generator Powered By AI

ByteDance is carrying out experiments related to a new script generator tool for the TikTok platform.

The latest endeavor is AI-powered and is designed to produce innovative video scripts that come complete with a list of suggestions for visuals. The latter would be dependent upon the inputs of users involved including sector, name of a product, and the description of the product too.

In the same way, users would be given the chance to take on a desirable style for videos and can choose its respective duration as per their liking as well.

The news comes to us thanks to a leading tech expert and social media enthusiast Lindsey Gamble. And according to him, "This tool is currently in beta and accessible to select users on TikTok for Business."

For now, it’s only up for grabs in the English language but with time, the popular short video social network does intend on introducing more variety in different languages.

Meanwhile, the firm says that users are going to be the ones liable to ensure all the content generated through the script generator is authentic and complies well with the laws outlined.

All data would be shared with another third party who is providing the service but their identity would not be disclosed, it continued to mention.

As per Lindseygamble:
"Creators and marketers have already started using ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools for producing scripts for TikTok and other video experiences. However, having a native tool specifically designed for TikTok can greatly simplify and streamline the process."
Clearly, it appears that AI is taking over the world and soon many would crave human-generated content. What do you think?

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