TikTok Shocks World By Confirming Some Data Belonging To Americans Is Stored In China

It’s been a while since we last heard about the whole TikTok and US debate arising. And just when you thought things might be doing well, here comes some more shocking news.

A new development shows how TikTok has admitted to storing data belonging to Americans outside the country. And by that we mean China.

The leading social media app says that it did indeed store American creators’ data in servers located in China. And when asked why it ended up lying, the tech giant revealed how it was never asked about creators’ data. It was only asked about users’ data.

But their justification does not seem to be the least bit convincing. And people around the globe as shocked as to what in the world is going on.

The app’s CEO reportedly swore under oath that no data belonging to American users was located in China and now, the claims are being twisted to delineate the differences between creators and users.

Furthermore, the company says that all sorts of sensitive data regarding American creators who came on the app to make earnings was stored in Chinese databases.

A letter was sent out by American Senators to the app’s CEO where a number of concerns had been highlighted regarding how shocked they were at Shou Zi Chew’s claims regarding the app, calling them incorrect.

The CEO was seen testifying before Congress about how it stored data belonging to users in places like the US and Singapore

But thanks to another recently held investigation by Forbes, more shocking behavior had been unveiled. This includes how China was another place where servers were located and stored Americans’ data.

The data in question was related to finance and as anyone would expect, people were not happy. Therefore, the US Senate and other officials are in search of answers from TikTok over these claims.

TikTok’s reply to such queries went on to mention that data collected by users is worlds apart from the details provided by creators so they can be paid by the app’s creator fund.

But the investigation led by Forbes is clearly painting a very different picture altogether.

There is plenty of proof regarding how internal documents featuring things like social security numbers, tax forms, and other data belonging to creators and vendors are present in China. And when it comes down to payments, the app handles that through its own tools that ByteDance possesses.

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