New Twitter Controversy At Peak As Musk Produces Bizarre Tweets Amid New CEO’s Takeover

There’s never a day at Twitter where you don’t feel drama arising from all directions. And just when you thought the app has a new CEO and things would certainly be getting better, well think again.

Linda Yaccarino is in charge but she and Musk are already butting heads and the world isn’t surprised for a good reason. Both individuals are smart, have a great experience, and you cannot deny the fact that the company is in a sticky situation altogether.

Therefore, as the organization tries hard to get back on track, we’re seeing it evolve and meet more demands in terms of enforcement. Moreover, Elon Musk is really proving to be a hard cookie to work with for obvious reasons.

He’s trying to bring about some major controversy through tweets and as he meets with more people from the EU including the organization’s Privacy Commissioner to witness how the app is put in terms of the Digital Services Act.

Remember, Twitter withdrew itself from online disinformation in the month of May of this year and that happens to be a part of this act only. But the Twitter chief says he stands true to his commitment to respecting the EU and the requirements regarding fighting disinformation. But that’s even if it had gone all the way opted away from such a voluntary element.

Musk says he always thought that the app would be obeying the regional laws but won’t go above and beyond the rules for a specific reason.

For now, it’s going to be super interesting to witness what goes on in the week and how it all pans out. How the app took a step back in terms of the workers there and how they’re meeting the criteria of admission for the workforce. And if that is not happening right now, be prepared to see the EU take on more measures to add sanctions for this platform.

But you need to understand that it’s not the only place where we could see Twitter struggling. The platform is having trouble tackling the concept of free speech too on the platform. This has to do with the rise of reports in regard to the area’s commissioner.

But Twitter has mentioned, time and time again, how it’s doing great on that front. It says that so many significant improvements were made in terms of hate speech and it hopes to carry on with this policy.

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