Telegram Revenue Grows and Hits $14 Million Mark Since Initiating Monetization

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has entered its first year of monetization, following the footsteps of other social platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter. To bolster their revenue streams, these platforms have initiated the practice of imposing charges on users for supplementary features, aiming to capitalize on their existing user base that primarily avails services for free.

Although Telegram is not traditionally considered a social platform, it has a significant user base that is accustomed to accessing everything for free, placing it in a similar category. While May did not mark Telegram's best month in terms of revenue, it still performed quite well. Based on Appfigures estimates, Telegram earned approximately $1.9 million in net revenue from the App Store during that month. This represents a slight increase compared to April and a substantial improvement compared to the previous year.

In the month of February, Telegram experienced a notable surge in revenue, marking a significant milestone in its financial trajectory. During this period, the net revenue generated from the App Store reached an impressive $2.3 million. It's important to highlight that this figure reflects the amount of revenue that Telegram retained after Apple's share was deducted. This remarkable boost in revenue not only distinguished Telegram from its competitors but also signaled a turning point in its monetization strategy. Since then, Telegram has been steadily progressing, surpassing its financial performance from the previous year.

As a result, within a span of just one year, Telegram has amassed an impressive $14 million in revenue from the App Store. It's worth mentioning that while a substantial portion of this revenue originated from Russia, Telegram's home country, the United States closely followed in terms of revenue contribution. This success underscores Telegram's ability to effectively monetize its large user base and establish a global presence in the messaging landscape.

Based on these estimates, Telegram has generated a substantial $14 million in revenue from the App Store within a span of one year. Russia emerged as the primary source of this revenue, with the United States closely following suit. Moreover, Ukraine, Hong Kong, and China rank among the top five countries in terms of their contributions to Telegram's revenue stream. This impressive financial achievement highlights Telegram's ability to attract a global user base and generate significant revenue from its services.

Out of all the three platforms that have been under observation, Snapchat has emerged as the undisputed frontrunner, achieving impressive monthly revenue figures in the millions throughout the month of May. On the other hand, Telegram still has considerable potential for expansion before it can attain similar levels of financial success. However, it is making consistent strides toward that goal, steadily moving in the right direction.

In conclusion, Telegram's strategic move to monetize its app has yielded impressive results, with significant revenue generated in a relatively brief timeframe. This success can be attributed to Telegram's ability to adapt and continuously introduce new features that entice users to invest in enhanced functionality. As Telegram further refines its offerings and expands its user base, it has the potential to emerge as a formidable player in the realm of app monetization. By striking a balance between providing value to its users and generating revenue, Telegram is well-positioned for future growth and continued success.

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