Snapchat Is Toying With A New Feature: Generate "Dreams" with Generative AI

With its "Dreams" function, Snapchat is testing a new opportunity for users to experience the potential of generative AI technology, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi.

Snapchat is taking its generative AI tech to a new level with the launch of its latest feature, "Dreams." This new project allows users to upload multiple selfies and generate fantastical Snaps of themselves. Users can experience the power of AI creation in an entirely new way.

The concept behind "Dreams" is similar to its controversial predecessor, "My AI." However, unlike "My AI," which relied on written answers, "Dreams" utilizes generative AI technology to create otherworldly scenes based solely on images. With the help of this new function, users may unleash their inner artist and discover what their dreams can look like from an artificial intelligence perspective.

This is one of the distinctive qualities of Snapchat, and they have already begun beta testing the feature with a select sample of users. The consumption is intended to be gradually increased over time. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes!

However, one thing is sure: Snapchat has declared its mission to employ generative AI technology to transform user engagement, and it won't stop anytime soon. The feature's scope of accessibility and launch date are both unknown.

With its revolutionary new "Dreams" feature, Snapchat continues to push boundaries when experimenting with generative AI technology. Whether you're looking for a fun way to express yourself or want to explore your creativity through artificial intelligence - there's no denying that Snapchat's latest offering has something for everyone!

Snapchat took a bold step by launching the "My AI" virtual chatbot. Still, it backfired as Snapchatters left a record number of one-star reviews, threatening to abandon the app. On top of that, the chatbot violated user privacy and provided inappropriate responses to younger users.

However, Snapchat's recent presentation showed that "Dreams" may be a stepping stone toward Snapchat'sultimate goal of delivering generative AI video.

With its latest AI development, Snapchat is taking an unsafe step after receiving unfavorable customer response following the original debut of the virtual chatbotknown as "My AI." The chatbot received flak for violating users' privacy and responding inappropriately to younger users.

With their new "Dreams" initiative, Snapchat is exploring the possibilities of video using generative AI, thus this might not stand in the way of their objectives.

Rob Wilk, President of Snap Americas, claimed that the company is just getting started and is testing several ways "My AI" may increase user access to mobile video. Even partners are joining the adventure, with their efforts propelled by "conversational intent."
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