Can AI Technology Automate Cybersecurity Features? OpenAI Is Investing Heavily To Find Out

The world of AI is being discussed left and right but the makers of ChatGPT have one thing on their mind. Can we use this revolutionary technology to activate cybersecurity functions?

OpenAI is going as far as investing one million dollars so it can support projects that could enhance the world of cybersecurity through AI technology. It’s something awfully interesting and has never been done in the past. And it might even go as far as including AI to fix vulnerabilities and highlight attacks. Let's not forget about the possibility to lead users to the best safety protocols available.

Today, OpenAI says it’s going as far as sending out proposals that cover nearly 16 domains where AI can benefit everyone. This entails creating honeypots and technology for the sake of deception and even leading hackers to be trapped.

For now, the firm is saying they’re not going to be adding any financial grants for such endeavors. They want the world to know that such projects would be solely created for the sake of benefiting the public and even sharing. They would be prioritizing the apps which have clear plans linked to this as end targets.

Such grant programs have huge scope and it means the makers of ChatGPT can be seen attaching big hopes to the technology to really better the world of cybersecurity and put criminals at bay. Remember, the firm is providing financial assistance and claims it was designed to assist in turning tides for the current war in cybercrime and help to limit hacking attempts.

Let’s not forget how the world of cybersecurity continues to face a shortage of employees. We’re seeing how the technology here might as well address this limitation but then again, there is that growing fear of humans getting replaced by technology.

It’s too soon to speak on that matter and the pros of this need to be weighed against all cons. Nobody knows what the end result of this project will be and relying on false positives is never welcomed by anyone.

The ChatGPT makers hope to provide the money via installments comprising $10,000 and it may entail direct funding or even provide some credits for the firm’s technology. Similarly, they’ve set out a new link where they claim to be taking on board more proposals. Before we forget, some complaints are arising about how the link might be down right now, for whatever reason.

In other news, another partner of OpenAI says it’s busy testing out ChatGPT for a new endeavor to assist professionals in removing attackers. There is even much discussion about a new offering on the rise for this and it’s dubbed Security Copilot.

Just the thought of seeing more positivity with ChatGPT has many at the edge of their seats. If this does turn out to be a successful attempt, OpenAI is definitely going to be hailed as a true pioneer in the tech and AI world.

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