Russia Penalizes WhatsApp For Failing To Delete Banned Content

A court in Russia has issued one of the world’s leading texting platforms, WhatsApp over the failure of deleting banned content.

The fine worth three million roubles is being hailed as one of the nation’s first of its kind and one that the tech giant did not see coming because such offenses by WhatsApp are rare in Russia.

We've seen Facebook’s parent firm being dubbed as an organization that supports extremist behavior and it’s something that Moscow had done last year. So this appears to be a continuation of just that.

Thankfully, they do not hold the same sentiments or regard for Meta’s Messenger application which is considered to be a user favorite for Russians across the board. Moreover, we’ve not seen any such fines come forward for Messenger in the recent past, when it comes down to getting rid of data that’s prohibited.

Meanwhile, other services from Meta such as its leading Facebook as well as Instagram apps are now being banned in the country and they’ve we’ve struck with similar bans. But it’s not only Meta that’s suffering. We’re seeing apps such as Twitter and Google also be punished for not following Russian rules and regulations as they failed to comply.

Local media outlets spoke in detail about how the sudden ban arose due to the platform’s failure to get rid of data related to drugs such as Lyrica. The latter’s sale and production were deemed illegal in the country.

For now, tech giant Meta is yet to go into detail about the matter and similarly has not returned any comments on the subject.

We’re also hearing striking reports about Wikimedia getting fined too for failing to delete data that the country called Russian disinformation. And that had to do with the controversial subject of Russia’s own military forces and how they carried on with the war in Ukraine.

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