Meta Displays Its Ambitious Metaverse Plans With A Preview Of New Quest 3 VR Headsets

Meta is putting its very ambitious plans for the metaverse on display through a preview of its new VR headsets.

The Quest 3 was recently unveiled and the tech giant says it’s going to be up for grabs by this year in the fall. Moreover, it even unveiled the pricing which would arise at a starting price of $500 for the initial 128GB variant.

Facebook’s parent firm has further gone on to mention how a long list of features including an array of tech modifications would be included and that entails better technology for better visual performances and more than double the speed for processing of Quest modalities.

Other than that, we’re talking about complete color pass-throughs and that would allow the headsets to perform optimally as AR products and really make the whole user experience a better one so you can interact digitally. Meanwhile, sleeker devices would be up for grabs and that makes this a super comfortable endeavor for wearing and better VR experiences.

The timing of this exciting product launch arises with a long list of tech references so users can get wowed and their acquaintances can have something worthwhile to speak about.

The company was recently seen speaking on the matter and how its Quest 3 really entails some of the best offerings like the best resolution and optics that ensure your content appears in the most optimal manner.

Such extra features need better power sources and you’ll see this as one of the most striking headsets to include features of the next generation.

The particular chipset in question was created in a manner that provides the best graphic and displays when compared to its previous counterparts. So you can end up seeing the best performance and very clear-cut details for games across the board.

Clearly, the rollout would be a huge deal for Meta and major advancement in terms of its VR plans as this is a clear indication of how ambitious the whole push to the metaverse is going to be.

What we do know so far is that it’s a huge deal and really does point out the fact that most things would be based on VR but AR can’t be excluded and other features linked to mixed reality. So what users can benefit from is settings in the real world and it’s going to be the most enhanced environment out there.

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