Researchers Discover Piles of Explicit Images Displaying Child Abuse On Twitter Despite Elon Musk Vowing To Remove Such Content

Twitter chief Elon Musk has long been mentioning how the app’s top priority remains the safety of young audiences on the platform.

But recently, an array of shocking images displaying child abuse and explicit material was located online from the app, moments after he took on the firm. Moreover, such content of this kind was being posted over the last couple of months and it was located by researchers through various platforms.

Many find the news really hard to believe, especially when the firm’s head vowed to delete and even restrict such graphic material from appearing on the app, just days after he acquired the organization.

Clearly, Musk has failed at staying true to his promise and ridding the app of explicit material. The report shows how a staggering 40 different pictures were found on the app between the period of March 12 toward the end of May. This type of content was flagged as per reports from researchers at Standford University but it was appealing how it was never removed, confirmed a recent report by the Wall Street Journal.

The team of researchers spoke about spotting such pictures on the app and proved how it was a major deal and lacked the right kind of enforcement. Remember, Elon Musk has already gotten rid of nearly 90% of his company’s staff and the app has witnessed plenty of outages and major issues too. This entails a whole array of technical glitches that included Flordia’s Governor Ron DeSantis unveiling officially that he was running for President in the upcoming elections.

The news led to outrage and after the matter was publicized, we saw Twitter sent out a response to researchers in the past week. He indicated that it was making great advancements to the whole CASM system and that researchers were noting how the app resolved the matter in the past month.

Then in February, the app revealed how it was moving at a fast pace and even in an aggressive manner to overcome things like child exploitation within the app. It also took great pride in getting rid of evidence in the form of images by restricting so many accounts which published and communicated with such explicit content.

During the start of this year, the app says that it ended up suspending nearly 40,000 accounts that it produced, engaged with, and even passed on featuring this content. And as you can imagine, it’s a massive 112% rise in suspensions for CSE since the start of November.

Twitter on the other hand seems to be staying the same when it comes down to transparency. And that might affect researchers in terms of finding more breaches of a similar kind.

Remember, Twitter’s chief has spoken about raised pricing tiers for API so why would anyone wish to pay extra to attain access, right? We’re talking about a staggering rise in costs where researchers might need to spend $42k or more to attain Twitter’s access and make it a wildly affordable ordeal.

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