New Survey Proves Only 26% Of Meta’s Workforce Has Faith In Mark Zuckerberg’s Leadership

It’s not a very good day for tech giant Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A new survey is shedding light on the thoughts of Facebook’s parent firm’s employees and how they feel about the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg.

The news comes to us through a survey that took place between the end of April and the start of May where just 26% of the company's workers generated responses to internal surveys and were confident about the firm’s leadership. This is as per news from The Washington Post.

Furthermore, this ended up citing some internal sources that were very familiar with the matter but chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Just 43% of Meta’s workforce claim to feel valued for their efforts in the organization. Additionally, there was low morale among employees at the leading firm after the firm experienced a tumult journey where firing sprees, reductions in spending, and even changes in strategy took center stage as a part of Meta’s plans to carry out its goal of fulfilling a year that was coupled with efficiency.

So many workers always carried out their day-to-day roles and duties with a constant fear that perhaps they might be next on the chopping block as job termination was something that they had come to witness arise so frequently across the board.

The first time that we heard of firing sprees was during the latter part of last year when the tech giant explained how it would be reducing nearly 11,000 jobs and that’s a staggering 13% of the whole workforce. Meanwhile, the company also shed light on a freeze in hiring and how it would be spending cuts too.

Then during the month of March this year, we saw Meta take on a new second round of firings where nearly 10,000 staff members had been given the boot, and the end of that arose last month. So yes, it was very recent.

The firm’s workers claim they’ve been devastated beyond belief and to work under this unbelievable pressure really does affect their morale and performance and even their respective confidence.

It was not uncommon to see workers from Meta go on public forums and talk about how it was no longer worth it to work in the organization and they just could not find any further reason to stay.

The rest of the employees that continue to stay in Meta are being forced to take on the roles and duties of those that left and that means taking orders from new managers, whether they may like it or not.

Did we mention how Zuckerberg has been left with no choice but to take a huge step back from his very ambitious Metaverse project and is more focused on scattering AI across the company in all shapes and forms? This sudden and shocking u-turn by Meta is definitely worth a mention and might be one of the biggest reasons why people are losing all hope in Zuckerberg and his capabilities to lead a huge enterprise as quoted in a recently published report by The New York Times.

Photo: Marques Brownlee / YT

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