Microsoft Witnesses a 32% Rise In Revenue In Its Cybersecurity Business

Things are looking great for computational giant Microsoft who was recently seen celebrating a massive 32% rise in its revenue.

The news comes to us thanks to Canalys who claims the tech giant’s gains arose in the cybersecurity business sector of the company. It’s interesting how the stats were a surprise finding because the global stats proved a general 12.5% rise YoY during the first quarter of this year. So that really beat out all others in the tech world, considering how massive of an economic crisis arose with worsening conditions taking center stage around the world.

As per Canalys, the tech giant maintained a lead in the market during the first quarter of last year as well as the first quarter of this year. And that’s some great news for any company to witness.

The period of growth was called out to be 32% and during this period, it was mentioned revenue was increasing during that time.

It’s quite clear how so many clients were putting great emphasis on spending across their urgent endeavors and also those firms that gave the best return in the shortest period of time.

The results were massive and despite all the delays, decrease in projects, and long periods of sales at peak, we’re now seeing more refresh programs for hardware also being delayed until further notice so that means in the future quarters.

The results from so many vendors out there proved how enhancing resilience in the world of cybersecurity means taking it on as a leading priority for other companies. And despite the challenges taking place on a large scale and the limited amount of funding available for the IT sector, seeing all of this arise is news.

But remember, this does not mean that the rest of the year for cybersecurity trends would run smoothly. Cuts in budgets are expected this year and we’re going to see more competition take center stage too among various vendors. Experts in the industry also predict more subscription upselling and even large amounts of scrutiny taking place during this year’s start.

As far as the share of the market is concerned in terms of cybersecurity, we’re going to be seeing the software giant take on a seventh position. But that does not mean the growth in revenue was slow. It all arose at a faster pace than most people anticipated.

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