John Mueller Gives Expert Insights On How To Remove Personal Details From The Search

Removing content from search engine giant Google is no longer a daunting task and that’s all thanks to John Mueller who is sharing some expert tips and tricks on how to go about the situation.

For those people who tend to complain about how data is found in search are getting better insights on the content deletion process and it has to do with how requests are evaluated by the firm, depending on a particular criteria in place.

Once a request for removal is denied, people get heartbroken and feel it’s a dead end. But wait, that’s not the case any longer. With the right details in place, you can still give it another successful shot he adds. And similarly, some insights were also spoken about in terms of which content exists on the world wide web too.

The news is definitely thrilling because when you come to think about the digital world in today’s day and age, personal data gets accessible online with ease and that’s why it’s not as easy as it once was to keep privacy at bay.

John Mueller was nice enough to assist a user on the Reddit platform when they wished to seek assistance in this regard. He put out the entire process which is complex and also which policies are currently standing in place regarding the firm’s tools for getting rid of content online.

All in all, the Reddit user claimed that their data was put online without any form of consent being taken. The page deleted it when he requested them and he opted to make use of Google’s tool for deleting content online from any search engine.

But when it came down to the likes of images, he was so baffled as to what was taking place because the request for that was blatantly denied.

To that, Mueller was quick to act and generate a response. He says that the picture in question possibly had a few URLs attached and that’s why this ensued. In addition, he claims that URL submission is done by right-clicking and then putting out a link from the search, and then submitting it with that only.

That did sound like a quick and simple fix and one that’s coming out from Google’s leading advocates. But wait, before you get super excited, we’d like to tell you that it’s really not that simple as Mueller puts it.

We’ve enlisted some key pointers that you might want to remember for future reference.

For starters, Google says you need to start the content removal process by filling up a form that states how you’d like to get some of your personal data removed. Once that’s done, you’ll be seeing the company reviewing it and seeing if it’s aligned with their own criteria set forward for content deletion.

Common things that would be eligible include IDs that come under the confidential category, sensitive details like account numbers and banking details, signatures, medical reports, and also personal details for contact purposes.

It usually takes one to two days for it to occur but complex cases usually are given three months.

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