Microsoft Offers Edge Users With 5GB Of Free Data

Software Giant Microsoft sure does know how to brighten up the smiles of its Edge users.

The company has opted to provide them with up to 5GB of free data and that’s definitely a point worth remembering for obvious reasons. Remember, the last time we heard was the company putting out an offering for just 1GB and that was very tiny obviously.

For those who might not be aware, Edge is providing a range of exceptional tools that enhance every user’s browsing journey. This includes its state-of-the-art VPN service which is designed to reclaim users’ privacy.

But it was not until recent days that we saw Microsoft Edge put out this new free quote for its users so that they can attain the comfort of the greatest level.

The update comes as the company recently published a new document that spoke highly of this in the Edge Support notice which some eagle-eyed Insiders highlighted in the past month.

This browser is designed to put out the best in terms of free data, the company adds and users need to remember the new Edge VPN needs people to sign in, only if they’ve got an account on Microsoft that would enable the whole sync process to occur.

The company boldly delineates how one account on Microsoft needs to attain access so that tracking can take the place of how much data is really getting used on a monthly basis. This would ensure users don’t go overboard and exceed the 5GB data limit. They similarly spoke about how identities are never shared, because of Cloudflare partnership as it's linked to a very protected network.

When you sign into Microsoft Edge and have an account over there too, you’ll end up turning on the option for account syncing. And through such means, all browsing data is present through signed-in variants of the browser. Moreover, users are given the chance to sync their history, settings, favorites, and even any tabs left open such as their collections.

It’s definitely worth a mention how this new Edge VPN isn’t the only solution when you’ve got things on and running. The company manages to direct it in a manner where it serves as something that’s looked upon as extra security or extra protection.

Hence, whenever you visit a page that’s relatively unsecured or linked to Wi-Fi systems that are open-sourced, you can expect it to work for your safety and security.

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