Microsoft Introduces Third-Party Browser Support for Bing Chat and Expands their User Base

Microsoft has shared an intriguing update about its AI chatbot service, Bing Chat. In the past, Bing Chat could only be accessed through the Edge web browser, but Microsoft has recently disclosed its intentions to test the waters by introducing support for third-party browsers. This experimental integration is set to begin in the current month, allowing users to access Bing Chat through browsers other than Edge.

A user of Reddit has shared his experiences of using Bing Chat on well-known browsers such as Safari and Chrome, leading to a surge of interest and questions. Recognizing the excitement surrounding this development, Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services, took to Twitter to validate the news. He acknowledged that Microsoft is actively testing third-party browser support for Bing Chat and intends to introduce it gradually. While the company has not revealed the specific browsers that will be compatible with Bing Chat, it is clear that Microsoft is committed to expanding its reach across various platforms.

Microsoft intends to broaden the reach of Bing Chat by offering compatibility with additional web browsers. The goal is to attract a larger user base for the chat service. As per StatCounter's data, Edge currently occupies the third spot among the most popular browsers, holding a market share of 9.91%. In contrast, Google Chrome dominates the market with an impressive 66.02%, followed by Apple Safari in second place with 12.79%.

In order to ensure a seamless transition, Microsoft is expected to initially restrict access to Bing Chat through Safari and Chrome browsers while they assess user feedback and evaluate performance. Once the testing phase concludes successfully, Microsoft will then contemplate expanding the availability of Bing Chat to a wider audience.

Microsoft has introduced several improvements to Bing Chat that go beyond extending browser support. Users now have the benefit of an increased limit for daily chat turns, with the number raised to 300 compared to the previous cap of 200. Moreover, the per session turns have been elevated from 20 to 30, allowing for more extended and productive conversations. Another enhancement involves the expansion of the Bing Image Creator functionality within Bing Chat, which now includes Precise and Balanced modes alongside the existing Creative mode. These updates have been implemented to offer users a more diverse and interactive experience when utilizing Bing Chat.
Furthermore, Bing recently commemorated its 14th anniversary, signifying the date of its official release on June 3, 2009. Microsoft remains committed to pushing boundaries and improving its services, aiming to deliver a chatbot experience that is smooth, effortless, and highly efficient through Bing Chat.

In conclusion, Microsoft's decision to introduce third-party browser support for Bing Chat marks an exciting development in expanding its accessibility and user base. By allowing users to access Bing Chat through popular browsers like Safari and Chrome, Microsoft aims to provide a seamless and versatile chatbot experience. These advancements, coupled with increased daily chat turns and expanded functionality, demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to refining Bing Chat and delivering an enhanced user experience. As Bing celebrates its 14th anniversary, this expansion paves the way for further innovation and growth in Microsoft's chatbot services.

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