Meta Will Soon Enable Users To Decide If They Want To Be Tracked Across Its Apps And Websites

Facebook’s parent firm is finally giving its users the chance to decide if they wish to be tracked across its long list of apps and websites or not.

This means all those who want to turn off cross-site tracking features can do so with this new feature that would be rolled out soon.

The great news for Meta users was made public today by the Bundeskartellamt in Germany which claims Meta would be making amendments to its Accounts Center which is known for giving users the chance to make the decision about data tracking on leading apps such as Instagram.

For now, not a lot of detail and information was provided on the matter and it’s not yet revealed how and what form of changes this will be taking and if that would be disclosed to the public or not.

But what we can say for sure is that such announcements mean that the company could soon be witnessing a huge chunk of its users disabling the feature for tracking and how it may negatively impact the apps and their respective functionality.

After all, it would limit the chance to cross-post over different platforms as the feature wouldn’t be up for grabs to those that turn it off.

Meanwhile, the head of FCO mentioned how in the year 2019, new records were made in terms of preventing Facebook from carrying out any form of abusive practices. Now, they claim that the road is awfully rocky in terms of users getting the freedom to see how their data gets processed.

But that does not mean it cannot be achieved. Such development is a crucial step while implementing decisions but such processes are yet to be done and dusted with.

In February, we saw the FCO prevent Meta from compiling data from different sources like the company’s own apps without taking consent from various users. Such a decision was sent out to the Regional Court and it turned into a long and heated legal battle among Meta as well as the EU.

Such plans were initially unveiled by Meta at the start of this year. We saw it getting discussed among both parties and along the way, the company was witnessed making amendments to systems, and that ended with user interactions being out in the open and sensible to others’ understanding. Similarly, it simplifies the chance to keep accounts away from other apps.

For now, we are not sure when the new change to the Accounts Center is going to be available. But what we do know is that as per highlights, these changes would be done to ensure it’s implemented so as to fulfill the criteria of decisions taken in 2019.

While it might not be enough to fulfill any other laws in countries like Germany including the nation’s Competition Act, we see this as a positive step in the right direction and one that users would approve of.

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