Meta To Provide Tough Competition For Play And App Stores By Letting Users Install Apps Via Facebook Ads

Tech giant Meta is experimenting with something rather unique and it’s bound to provide tough competition to both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Think along the lines of users across the European Union being given the chance to install apps through Facebook ads directly.

The news comes to us thanks to a startling report by tech news outlet The Verge who says the firm is experimenting with the task. But it’s all just one huge experiment for now and would soon allow top developers to highlight the apps on the platforms.

In the same way, they would enable direct downloads by users and prevent them from leaving their own network. And that really does sound like a fabulous idea to keep people at bay and stop them from fishing at other nearby locations.

The statement recently published by The Verge through its public blog post says the company wants to experiment with this and they would really love to see developers put out their best while competing with tech giants Apple and Google along the way.

The advertisements would first be working as pilots where you’d find a bunch of app developers from Android take on the trial by the latter part of this year.

Such a massive decision clearly means saying hello to users across Europe and it’s a direct response to the world that the tech giant is not planning on sitting silently while the DMA takes center stage. The latter is designed to open up a plethora of platforms to showcase alternatives to the usual or conventional means of installing apps.

Hence, we don’t see why this cannot open up new doors or horizons for the company to establish greater control regarding the distribution of applications and associated payments done on the platforms. It would similarly get rid of all restrictions and any taxes that tech firms have in place when both iOS and Android devices are involved.

For a while now, we’ve been seeing Facebook’s parent firm offer massive criticism to Apple on this topic. We even saw a very public debate on the iPhone maker’s fee structure taking place for any purchases done on the app.

This is when the CEO of Meta called the iPhone maker’s strategy very close to a monopoly and one that served harmful competition in this realm. This happened to be sparked by the drive of Meta to enable creators to produce more revenue through virtual means on the app during the pandemic. But as expected, Apple said no.

They failed to surrender the massive 30% figure reduction in purchases done on the app and even limited the number of creators taken on board. We even saw Apple pause its respective fees when looking at this situation and then it resumed duties back to normal and allowed for the usual uptake of the share.

But critics continue to call out both Apple and Google in this regard. They blasted both companies for refusing to sidestep their share of the cut from revenue generated through subscriptions. They instead were seen putting out different price plans for purchases done on the platform and this happens to be in places where there are no taxes.

Now, seeing Meta take on the initiative to control app downloads itself through Facebook ads is definitely going to be a direct source of revenue for developers as it could lead to bigger chances.

But now, the major question is how the EU sees this innovative idea and whether or not it’s open to the idea of enabling alternative stores for downloading apps to work across its region.

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