Meta Strikes A Chord With The Launch of Its Musical Version Of ChatGPT Called MusicGen

The concept of a musical version of ChatGPT is on the rise, all thanks to tech giant Meta.

Facebook’s parent firm is reportedly debuting an AI-based music learning model. And by the looks of it, you can alter how you produce both tunes as well as soundtracks.

MusicGen is the name and it’s getting created by the firm’s Audiocraft members. For those curious about how it functions, well, that’s related to putting a short text description of your music preference that you simply type in. After that, simply press on the button that states Generate, and within no time, you’ll see the AI model producing music that’s 12 seconds in duration as per rapid instructions.

For instance, you’ll find the LLM getting instructions to make a Lofi version of a soundtrack, and within no time, the final product would be unveiled and it’s going to be very similar to that found on YouTube. How cool is that?

You can even customize that AI music producer to put up hit tracks or a carefully curated version of your favorite tune too.

One developer who happened to be a part of this project ended up putting up samples of what sounds users can expect on their Twitter handle. And that just gave the perfect little example of what to expect from the revolutionary combination of music meets AI. It was a sublime blend of drum beats and some synths that gave a super upbeat version for this particular piece.

And for those who are curious to get their hands on this, well, you’re in luck. Simply go out and get your hands on it by heading over to the Hugging Face webpage of Meta. But one thing we’d like to mention, is don’t expect this to do vocals like Google’s AI music generator does. It is only doing instrumentals for now.

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