Meta Allows Quest Users To Subscribe To Its New VR Service For $7.99

Meta’s Quest users are now being given the chance to subscribe to a brand new service which would provide them with greater access to some leading titles each month.

The service that’s called Meta Quest+ is the name given to a VR subscription that is for $8 each month. But if you’d like to take on the subscription on a yearly basis, it’s $60.

The news was first unveiled when we heard about the service that was launched in the month of March through one user on the Twitter application. This is when they saw more details about a feature linked to the game pass which entailed the Meta Quest platform.

Meanwhile, at the start of the month, we saw another user of the app spot both the cost and title of this service on the platform.

Zuckerberg mentioned at this week’s start through a statement how the feature would be up for grabs for those having the Quest 2 as well as the Pro endeavor. Similarly, there’s also going to be more support getting provided for Quest 3 when such a headset gets rolled out during the fall season.

The games being offered at the start include the action-packed one called FPS Pistol Whip. Similarly, other games called the Walkabout Mini Golf and Pixel Ripped are other ones worth a mention that is arcade styled and launched in the year 1995.

All users must keep the titles, provided they remain as subscribers on the Meta Quest+ app.

We know that this particular subscription by Meta will keep the firm miles apart from PlayStation which does not put VR games on offer through the subscription called PlayStation Plus.

Subscriptions are known to be one great manner to attain more rewards on your investments that go as far back as Blockbuster days. And being valued at $60, the company says it hopes to attract the masses due to a combo of affordability and convenience through the most customized experience.

They are more than excited to provide more gamers across this new endeavor a chance to unravel the greatness linked to headsets. The tech giant adds how it hopes to add some more enticing offers like discounts that would last throughout the end of July. in this program, you’d be paying just $1 during the first month.

The firm went public recently where it spoke about an addition of innovative games for VR headsets such as Stranger Things, amongst others.

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