Google’s Research Lab DeepMind Says Its Next Language Model Will Provide Tough Competition To ChatGPT

It’s true that ChatGPT has taken over the world in more ways than one. But if you think Google’s DeepMind planned on watching in silence and not doing anything about it, well, think again.

The company says it’s rolling out a new language model that would provide tough competition for OpenAI’s leading tool ChatGPT.

This means the company has a lot of hopes attached to the next launch of its language model. Moreover, one article mentioned in Wired spoke about how the company was making use of methods through the likes of AlphaGo.

The company is using AI systems that it made use of at the start to rival human players that worked professionally while playing board games. This was to defeat a board game called Go that’s designed to provide tough competition against another rival chatbot that’s dubbed Gemini.

If things do go as planned, Gemini would have the chance to plan as well as solve problems and analyze things such as text, and beyond.

When you actually come to think of it, Gemini combines the high points of systems making use of AlphaGo technology alongside the usual language features of these models. But that’s not all, we’re expecting some more innovations to arise that would be super interesting.

There is even greater speculation about how the new language model by Google was going to make it big after it was teased in a brief manner at this year’s I/O developers event that arose in May.

It’s designed to give rise to innovations and reinforcements so as to ensure the best learning takes place and tasks are carried out in a productive manner. And believe it or not, so many language models are struggling with this.

Reinforcements entail giving out rewards to systems built on AI technology so that some behaviors are highlighted more than others. Meanwhile, others get punished as the goal is to teach the entire system and provides behaviors to showcase it all in a certain situation.

Techniques such as reinforcement learning lead to major gains across the likes of language models. This happens to be a leading manner through which systems including ChatGPT give out a response to a text message.

Google’s research lab has a plethora of experience when it comes down to reinforcement learning. Therefore, we can see why it’s super eager to enhance learnings across the domain of generative AI technology.

But with all of this being said, it’s important to note how Gemini is not the first rollout for DeepMind when it comes down to language models. In the past, the firm rolled out Sparrow which was another name reserved for a chatbot that would provide the safest and most reliable answers across the board.

For now, Gemini is being hailed as the firm’s most noteworthy and ambitious offering as per speculations on the matter. And considering how there are many drawbacks linked to other AI models like Bard and ChatGPT, many hope it can come out on top and carve its own niche.

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