Google’s EU Launch Of Its Generative AI Chatbot Bard Is Scheduled For Delay

Google has opted to delay the much-anticipated launch of its AI chatbot called Bard in the European Union.

The company had planned the launch to arise very soon and by that, we mean by the end of this week. This news was confirmed by the DPC who happens to be the company’s head of data protection regulatory body in that specific region.

Moreover, the news was first made public by media outlet Politico which says it arises after OpenAI had initially unveiled its ChatGPT chatbot as a competitor in the industry. But it failed to put out limits on where users of the internet might access this.

Now, the DPC’s head announced today that no intention has been put forward in terms of any scheduled launch to arise anytime soon in the EU. Similarly, he added that there was yet to be any form of an announcement in terms of when the new date would be laid down.

The decision is one that has come with an urgency tag attached to it. Since then, it sought a lot of data through urgent means on the news. It similarly raised a figure for queries related to data protection and now, it hopes Google will provide a response that justifies this behavior soon.

For now, there is yet to be any word related to the launch in the EU for now but we must note that so many people are gaining access to it in the region through the help of VPNs.

There is yet to be any form of details raised on such matters through Google Bard. But by the looks of it, some issues pertaining to transparency and developers approaching issues such as AI-related disinformation and those addressing matters having to do with child safety and more.

The matter is currently being examined and we would be sharing the data with fellow members of the DPA after we get more responses to such questions.

A task force was getting set up to tackle the matter so it wouldn’t be too long before we get more news on this endeavor.

ChatGPT was also seen on the radar when a series of EU authorities wanted to bring an end to its service for a temporary period of time. So by the looks of it, the delay is temporary and should be resolved within no time.

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