Apple Publicly Opposes UK's Online Safety Bill While Citing More Risks From Data Breaches

Leading iPhone maker Apple has publicly opposed the current version of the Online Safety Bill.

The tech giant was seen speaking about the bill that was recently passed down by the UK Parliament and how the company fears that it may be posing more harm to users in the United Kingdom than before. This was in regard to data breaches as well as general surveillance in the tech world.

This bill is designed to put out more regulations that may prevent forceful messaging activities from taking place such as Apple’s iMessage. In the same way, it’s built to oversee the contents inside texts linked to CSAM, which happens to be the abbreviation for content linked to child abuse.

The Cupertino company argued how any law that was designed to weaken end-to-end encryption would further increase the risk of privacy and security mishaps from taking place.

Meanwhile, another statement was recently put out by the BBC where it quoted the iPhone maker as dubbed encryption to be a pivotal capability that protects journalists’ privacy as well as those linked to diplomats and even those standing for human rights.

The firm further encourages government authorities in the United Kingdom to implement regulations that wouldn’t risk E2E encryption.

Similarly, it’s designed to assist citizens on a daily basis by protecting against surveillance as well as fraud and some major breaches in data too. This sort of bill would prove to be a huge threat to such types of protection and that would provide citizens in the United Kingdom in a dangerous position.

Apple similarly urged the government to fix the bill and give more meaningful measures for protection through end-to-end encryption that would keep all users safe and be of great benefit.

This is not the first time that we’re hearing the tech giant express such great amounts of opposition in this regard against the bill. It would soon arise with more changes.

The BBC mentioned how it would be providing a new series of amendments on this subject very soon. And such changes would be better able to tackle and scan texts linked to explicit content that’s harmful.

It’s important to note here that tech giant Apple has really made a huge series of blunders while trying to publish CSAM detection in terms of iCloud images. But the tech giant has carried on releasing new endeavors under this program called Community Safety for all texting purposes.

The rollout would enable messages to restrict any explicit messages that are not appropriate while putting out resources that stop sensitive material from getting shared online.

In other news, the leading tech giant is going to allow an expansion of its Communication Safety feature for AirDrop. Now, users can use the photo picker that has a systematic approach for collection as well as messages delivered through FaceTime to benefit from higher safety protocols.

The same would be the case for other apps from third parties and also Contact Posters.

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