YouTube Undergoes Another Visual Transformation Of Its Video Page But It’s Not Being Loved

The old saying, ‘Change is always Good’ may not be applicable to all and the recent visual transformation of YouTube's Video Page might be a great example of the notion.

After undergoing a major overhaul in the past year, we saw the app undertake a whole new concept linked to visual transformation. But this time around, it was targeting a video page that continues to remain unchanged in the past few years.

Today, we’re seeing a new interface in terms of its video aspects and it was getting plenty of focus and attention by some Twitter users who posted the ordeal through their accounts.

It’s a new design and at the moment, the video page has some interesting video windows that include a title and some more intricate details like a description seen right below just that. Such redesigns are seen by a few people in the past couple of weeks. And the data is now seen across the right side of videos and pops up in a narrow and sleeker design.

There are buttons for things including likes and dislikes as well as shares and others seen below. This was with an accompaniment of a range of five or more recent comments.

Screenshot: @XenoPanther

The whole ordeal gives rise to a new type of interface that is similar in appearance to mobile layouts. As a result, videos that are lined up next include some more recommendations that aren’t appearing on the right corner of screens.

Instead, they’re getting presented in a grid style toward the bottom, and it ends up reflecting an image of the app’s homepage. Some people might even see the Latest YouTube posts appear while scrolling.

The entire experience of seeing videos continues to be unaffected but there is a reflection of things like comments and a few other details linked to the edge that make up a huge change across interfaces. It’s quite clear that such a redesign is the main goal to better showcase other content for viewers to see. And it does make use of bigger thumbnails.

The end result is a much more relaxed kind of viewing ordeal but it continues to be uncertain if such redesigns can strike a great balance among data, recommendations, and some comments.

But as per recent comments on display, not a lot of people are too thrilled about this. Some feel the change is not loveable and the old format was better, while a couple did go as far as mentioning how it’s disastrous. They called out the designers to be fired because that’s how bad they felt it was.

One Redditor says the app is unusable right now and just like that, the number of people decrying such changes added how the whole library ordeal was really terrible. They referred to it as being over-designed and nothing but just utter confusion and chaos. It took forever to find everything, added another person who wasn’t happy.

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