YouTube Adds New And Exciting Options To Its Creator Music Element And Here’s What To Expect

YouTube is rolling out some exciting new features for users across its Creator Music element.

The leading video-sharing platform is now enabling creators to make payments for in-stream music licensing, the company announced today.

This endeavor would also include the ability to highlight certain products seen across the live streams on certain mobile applications.

For starters, they’re planning on launching a new and improved licensing system that allows creators to filter out license duration along with the price of the feature.

Additionally, it would ensure creators are reducing the price of licenses depending on the limited usage which provides some great chances for good quality music launches with the content. Similarly, the app hopes to include some great icons in the listing for Creator Music that hint at which tracks are present for sharing of revenue.

These new additions will give a greater cost management ability across such elements that would enable the app’s commercial music feature to be more available for so many people.

The app is also in search of adding some great Shorts analytics through a Data Story where the element would specifically put on display which Shorts is making the channel grow the most or which one has the most potential of them all.

YouTube was seen launching more Data Stores in October of 2022 where it put on display full-screen cards that showed integral elements for analytics.

The app is trying hard to expand such cards for some great elements and now, it’s aligning so well with Shorts growth on the app. Similarly, the company hopes to better showcase which Shorts can enhance overall performance and build up the reach of the audience involved.

YouTube says it hopes to launch this feature to a greater proportion of users by the end of this year and for now, it’s just testing out the Short Card with a few beta testers.

But that’s not all. The company is also launching the ability to make expiring community posts for both Android as well as iOS. This would provide more means to chat with the channel’s subscribers.

Such expiring posts that it made in the past year would be shown in-stream with the addition of alerts located toward the top. And it would become more highlighted whenever it disappears.

We see that as something good for promotional activity and updates which would add more interactive elements to better engagement. And without such a post, it would remain in the history of the channel forever.

So many creators are now being able to keep a track record of posts that expire with time and see it is present in the tab called Community. However, this does not give them the chance to re-share any expired posts after a certain expiry date takes place.

Lastly, the company announced how it’s including the ability to both pin and tag goods across live streams through a mobile application.

For now, creators were given the chance to only pin goods on the live sessions through the desktop’s Live Control Room. But now, it’s a whole new ballgame. Creators are getting the chance to better control the whole live shopping endeavor across mobile phones too.

All platforms including YouTube are yet to see people developing a keen interest in live shopping. But that does not mean they’re giving up just yet. People are so hopeful that the interest might catch on with time and it would be a huge element soon.

This would lead to some great options for monetization of the app and its top creators.

These are some great updates and they would prove to be of great value for many brands with time.

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