WhatsApp Is Working On Silencing Calls From Unknown Numbers And New Admin Review Feature

Leading messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a number of new features and we’ve got the latest updates for our readers.

For starters, the app has finally listened to the outcry of the masses and opted to do something about unwanted calls coming in from numbers that aren’t a part of the user’s contact list.

The Meta-owned app wants to introduce a new feature that allows users to silence such unwanted calls because they can really be a major annoyance for obvious reasons. This news was shared today by Wabetainfo who claims that this platform would soon allow a feature where a simple toggle across the app’s settings would make room for call silencing of such numbers.

As days go by, the company says it’s quite aware of how there is a growing influx of so much spam and telemarketing calls. At the moment, there is no feature that’s built-in to get rid of such calls from numbers that users aren’t familiar with. But such reports can really pave the way to a great solution related to the matter.

There is yet to be any date for the launch of the endeavor but it was spotted in the recent past and so should be up for grabs for a few lucky beta testers.

Another great feature that the company says it’s working on right now or is under development is an offering called admin review. This is designed to enable users to report any messages to a particular group’s admin. It’s great for those that might find something offensive and to prevent the matter from getting out of hand, it’s great to send out an alert so the admin is well aware of what’s going on.

When it gets enabled, users can just through a simple click of the button report the concerning news to admin members. The latter can observe the matter immediately and delete the message for everyone in the group. But that’s only if they personally feel the message is wrong or if it ends up violating the rules of the group.

We feel this is a wonderful way to give admin members all the more power and control across a certain group. After all, the end goal is to ensure all the groups on the platform continue to be a safe and secure location for everyone online.

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