Twitter Allows Blue Subscribers To Upload Two-Hour-Long Videos On The App

It’s a feature that has been coming for a long time and now, Blue Subscribers on the Twitter app have another reason to celebrate.

The top social media platform enables people to upload videos that are nearly two hours in duration on this platform.

As per recently published reports on the app, all subscribers will be given the freedom to upload videos of 1080p or two hour-long through the Twitter platform. This would also be restricted for Twitter users on iOS.

Meanwhile, subscribers may be uploading videos that are ten minutes in duration on the Android platform. If you are not a subscriber of Twitter Blue, you can still put up videos that are 140 seconds through any app.

So for now, you can see this as a huge discrepancy where you’re given just two minutes to upload the capacity. But this particular movie length is for those subscribers who pay. But for so long, we did not see Blue Members become too excited about this offer after it was revealed.

Remember, it was a feature seen rolled out way back in December of last year and only a minimal number of users of the app had signed up for this $8 monthly plan.

When you consider the fact that 80% of users of this platform don’t put up anything, it’s true that Twitter only needs a small fraction of what active users are getting or paying up and they need to post that for longer videos so they can benefit to some extent.

After seeing the company’s new CEO be appointed, we are definitely seeing some more plans for the app to put forward plans that focus more on videos than anything else. Did we mention a new show on the app that is related to host Tucker Carlson?

As can be seen, the chief of Twitter has mentioned time after time how it’s competing with other arch-rivals in the industry. They’re a part of the video talent and that is seen as a major part of the whole Yaccarino experience. Hence, we are not going to be surprised to see Yaccarino push up more content at the app’s forefront.

It’s a huge move and one that is not going to be easy, that’s for sure. The incentive is high and there are yet to be any creators that are putting out exclusive content through this platform. But if we can see Twitter create another revenue share program which Elon Musk has mentioned time and time again, then this could be a huge leap forward that brings more people to the platform and builds more opportunities for ads.

While audience member reaches aren’t keeping advertisers a step back from the app at this moment, it’s important to realize that it managed to lose nearly half of its top advertisers ever since Musk took control. A lot of people were worried about free speech and online content but he’s allowing them all to stay active.

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