Twitter Adds More Value To Community Notes With Images Featuring Contextual Notes

Twitter has long been on the rise to better its Community Notes feature and it appears that it’s managing to do just that with its recent announcement today.

The company mentioned how it hopes to enhance value by adding some additional enhancements so contributors can include contextual notes in pictures across the platform.

This would further see the app’s system add the note to reshares of similar pictures seen across the platform’s tweets.

So as you can imagine, it’s quite the feature to grab your hands on, especially when you’re left with a picture that’s deemed to be questionable. Moreover, you can add some explanatory notes to it and it would be added to similar tweets making use of identical pictures.

As put out by the app, those who happen to be contributors and have a score that goes beyond 10, they’re the first to see new things pop up across Tweets that mark the notes with the heading ‘above the image’.

Twitter says it’s an option that a lot of the media might mislead, no matter which Tweets it gets seen across. Also, Community Notes are linked to pictures having explainers that clarify which note features pictures and not any tweets.

For now, this feature is up for grabs on pictures that are still. But the app claims it hopes to see a bigger expansion to the likes of videos and some tweets that feature several images. Moreover, the update is great and as presented by Twitter, it’s going to be all the more important when we witness visuals produced by AI pop up across different social media platforms.

Such pictures tend to go more viral than others and the perfect example is related to the Pop witnessed wearing a puffer jacket. Obviously, people were so confused as to whether or not the image was fake or real.

On the other hand, there have been some pictures produced using AI technology that experts have sounded the alarm against. A perfect example was an image made using digital technology of explosions that happened right outside sensitive areas like the Pentagon. Therefore, it was a little panicky for some. Shortly after that, we saw a clarification arise about how it was a fake incident.

For now, many people are excited to see this new superpower getting into the hands of those contributing to the content.

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