The Microsoft-Activision Deal Has Been Given The EU’s Green Light But That’s Just The Start

Computational giant Microsoft Corp has finally received approval for their mega $68.7 billion deal that features the purchase of Activision Blizzard. The latter is the name given to the publisher of the Call of Duty as well as World of Warcraft.

The news comes after we saw several regulatory bodies across the UK block this same deal.

Now, we’re hearing how the Commission is keen on allowing the software giant the chance to make some amendments while grabbing a hold of the whole cloud gaming phenomenon. It’s a trending business that allows users to play all sorts of games across any device of their preference.

To be more particular, all the bodies involved want Microsoft to produce licenses for these games on Activision Blizzard so they are in competition with others in the same giving service industry. This would provide clients the chance to stream any form of the game that they’ve bought on devices and make use of those through various kinds of systems available.

Now the question is why the deal was approved by the EU in the first place?

The answer is simple. It had to do with how the EU’s VP that handles competition policy claims such rulings would enhance the entire cloud gaming endeavor throughout that same sector.

These commitments are being put out by software giant Microsoft and it would allow this to happen solely for the first time across various kinds of streaming and hence provide room for both other rivals to compete and the chances to grow.

In this particular report, we saw how the Commission also witnessed Microsoft not getting any sort of motivation to say no to the distribution of the games by Activision and providing it further to Sony. They cited how the leading Sony PlayStation’s command over the market always had a huge upper hand against the console Xbox.

But if software giant Microsoft does end up withdrawing the game from places like Sony’s Playstation, then Sony would be seen making the most of its save and massive games catalog. The whole idea is to make the position of its competition so much weaker.

So the type of message that we are getting right now is linked to how the EU is definitely the place to begin a business as compared to regions like the UK. Clearly, such a message was outlined after the UK ended up barring the firm’s deal to buy out Activision.

Therefore, another top question on many people’s minds is that the deal by the UK has been blocked but it has also received approval by the EU. So, what’s the next step?

The answer is that even though we saw software giant Microsoft gain victory across the EU, the deal is definitely questionable. It’s all due to the effects of the CMA. Moreover, although there is not any strict legal option in place for any form of regulatory choices like these, such types of incidents from the past revealed how one nation can make it or break it for landing the right deal.

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