Surge In Phishing Attacks Forces Microsoft To Launch Number Matching As New Security Upgrade

Microsoft has really been at the top of its game in terms of ensuring its email users stay safe. Therefore, we’ve got news related to how the firm is now stepping up its multi-factor authentication program by adding another feature for enhanced protection.

The past has been very much focused on seeing how the MFA has been quite exploitable. Plenty of email users exist and even so many having the MFA continued to be affected by these types of phishing attacks.

The fact that there was an MFA fatigue taking place had people at a standstill. And calls were made as hackers were brute forcing passcodes and MFA with ease. Other endeavors like push bombing and MFA spamming also arose. These are designed to bombard users.

Therefore, such attacks are now being combatted thanks to Microsoft now launching a new number-matching feature. This is one step ahead of the rest in terms of the Authenticator App by Microsoft which is designed to enhance the security of email users.

Today, the computational giant says it’s working hard to enforce a greater number of figures that would end up being matched for all. All users must enter this figure that is added into such an app when people are signing in. One example that is brought forward was through a recent image set out by Microsoft.

They explained the logic and mechanism behind this technology and how it can upgrade to more classic second-factor alerts in the Microsoft Authenticator.

In this manner, admin controls could be removed and it would force the entire number matching experience to arise tenant-wide for users having the Microsoft Authenticator push alerts beginning May 8, 2023.

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