Study Reveals Connection Between Social Media Dependency and Decreased Desire for Freedom

The latest research posted by Psychological Reports shows that relying too much on social media platforms can make users less interested in having freedom. The article revealed that those who heavily rely on social networks are actually trying to avoid difficulties in their lives.

It can simply be described as a situation where people become excessively reliant on these platforms. As a result of this dependency, their lives are heavily influenced by and dependent on these apps. As a result of this dependency, their lives are badly influenced. Which includes the strong urge to stay engaged with social sites. Users face a hard time controlling their consumption and face bad results due to spending too much time on it.

Prior research has already shown how social media consumption can lead to anxiety. These feelings are influenced by different parameters, including being uncomfortable with uncertainty and avoiding reality. Based on the previous research, researchers decided to investigate whether depending on such platforms can affect people’s desire for freedom and their ability to take steps or make decisions.

According to Phil Reed, Swansea University’s lecturer, people may look up to these platforms in order to feel relaxed. He added that users may tend to feel anxious due to certain things. In order to distract themselves from the problems, they see social media as a way out.

The research was based on responses collected from over 150 individuals with an average age of around 23 years. In order to carry on the study, the respondents were asked to share a snapshot of the time spent using social media apps in the last 7 days. To assess the effect on freedom, respondents were shown different objects on a display, and based on the responses, the results were compiled.

Those individuals who relied more on it were the ones facing most of the anxiety. Phil suggested that whenever a user is reaching out for their phone, they should know whether they actually want to get engaged or if it is just a desire to use the device.

However, the research team agreed that it is still too early to conclude, and hence more study is required to better examine the relationship between social platforms, freedom, and anxiety.

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