Starlink Tops Customer Satisfaction Rankings Despite Its Slow Speed Against Rival Broadband Providers

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for broadband service provider Starlink, new rankings prove.

The news is definitely going to be loved by Elon Musk who has really worked hard to bring the product to where it stands today. This happens to be in stark comparison to those offers put out by other top names in the industries that are providing this.

The facts were very obvious in places like non-metro regions or those that are remote as people felt that despite it being so slow, people turn to it for being reliable.

The data arrives based on the Speedtest that was charted by the likes of Ookla. It sent out an NPS for Starlink and other fellow arch rivals of the industry.

It was calculated on a scale between 0 and 100 and that would recommend such services to both loved ones and pals. Moreover, the difference between NPS and Starlink was all said to be fixed as in broadband service providers that arrive as stark.

Then in places like metro regions, Starlink showed an NPS of around 31.9 for the final quarter of 2022 while in Q1 of 2023, it combined to form -23.6. This was for all metro broadband providers. Meanwhile, the satellite internet for SpaceX comes out to be the leader of the race.

Despite the firm having a major download speed of nearly 65.2Mbps when compared to 203.9Mbps, it’s a combination of fixed broadband service providers.

And then when you move to some of the more rural regions, you’ll see how Starlink comes with a score of just 42.2 when compared to -21.2. This is quite notable, provided we consider the median download speed of the company as it’s near to the nonmetro speed of 72.1MBps to 100Mbps.

Starlink is known to provide an option that’s loved for some of those living in rural places and those that are non-metro, that usually don’t have a lot of good options out there.

This is a clear message to the world that users of Starlink are now more than willing to send out service recommendations and they adore the internet service people are providing them with.

Obviously, Starlink is a new name in the internet industry and people that are signing on are super eager to gain access to that. Despite the huge costs involved and the chances for congestion to be at its peak, people across rural regions are simply content to have some sort of reliable internet service.

This would not force them to get into this cellular data streaming zone, gaming, and even the chance to enter calls made by Zoom.

People are not very charmed by such issues or by those providing broadband service in the industry. They’ve been doing that for years and do have a monopoly even if it arises in some of the biggest places out there.

Starlink says it makes use of the best orbiting satellites that beam broadband toward users of the internet that are featured on the ground. This has been designed to enhance seeds and open up to more people by giving rise to more satellites. But just a week later, another 56 satellites were seen that brought the total to just 4023 in orbit.

The huge customer satisfaction attached here is the main reason why Starlink leads the pack. The satellite ISP is causing concern and so many people are raising eyebrows provided the reports of clients not being satisfied are increasing with each passing day.

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