Privacy Matters: WhatsApp users will soon be allowed to set up their own unique usernames to hide their phone numbers

According to the latest article posted by WABetainfo, the popular texting application, WhatsApp is planning to introduce on a new update that will allow users to set up a unique WhatsApp username. This latest addition is believed to roll out in a future update of the app, making communication even more private and convenient.

Right now, the platform identifies anyone based on their phone numbers. While this has been the norm for years, the upcoming feature will allow the people create a distinctive username that reflects their personality or identity. It’s like having their own digital signature!

Imagine having a simple and memorable username that users can easily share with their friends, family, and colleagues. No more struggling to remember or exchange long phone numbers! With this update, Audience can simplify the process of connecting with others on WhatsApp.

Moreover, having a WhatsApp username also adds an extra layer of privacy. Instead of revealing the phone number to everyone, people can now provide their username, keeping the personal information more secure. It’s a great way to protect one’s privacy while still staying connected.

Setting up the WhatsApp username is a simple procedure. Users can go to their account settings, navigate to the “Profile” section, and there they will find the option to create their own unique username. Choose wisely, as this will be the name by which people can search and identify others on WhatsApp.

Once users set up their username, they can share it with other contacts either via text, email, or even in person. It’s a simple way to ensure that people can easily find and connect with others on the platform.

With this upcoming feature, WhatsApp is taking an other initiative in the direction to ensure a safe experience for the audience. The introduction of feature will make it easier to find and stay connected with friends, family, and even new acquaintances.

So far no official release date has been given by the officials, however it can be expected that the feature will be available soon. It’s an exciting change that will add a personal touch to the messaging experience.

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