Pinterest Simplifies Its Creation Flow By Putting All Creative Features For Pins In A Single Stream

Pinterest has been on the lookout for adding simplicity to users’ creation flow. And it seems like the platform is all set to do just that by putting together all creative features into one stream.

This would include all functionalities that were up for grabs for users in a small number of Pin formats.

The company recently went public with the news by claiming all users of the app would be able to gain access to such features that used to be available for selective Pin formats or those people having a business account. Now, it would entail links and put out edits after posts were published and even enable flexible aspect ratios too.

Different types of content creators would be able to entail expressive features including text, stickers, and even music across Pins now, the platform mentioned.

For instance, up until now, users who made Pins had to select Idea Pins to include videos but now, the features would be combined into one flow. This means you do not need to have an understanding of which elements would gel well with which features for posting.

Additionally, Pinterest has some plans to roll out more enhanced metrics for Pins such as views and specific watch times. This would make it so much simpler to track down and measure the performance of Pins.

But if we had to mention what the biggest addition to this endeavor, well, it’s certainly the ability to include links to all the pictures and videos across the platform. Moreover, it’s the capability to direct traffic from different Pin types that would give rise to more capacity and make use of Pinterest as the main marketing tool. And in the end, it would assist users in making guides back to the site. And it would also provide a bigger capacity to purchase on the app through the company’s features for native goods.

Meanwhile, the company adds how the app is launching another new paid partnership endeavor and tool for product tagging that makes use of affiliate links so more users could benefit.

Lastly, the app is now allowing users to make use of emojis across all the various types of Pins on offer. So as you can see, the updates are very interesting and would help to enhance the functionality of the app and facilitate the potential of businesses and enable options for revenue.

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