Microsoft Eyes Contract With Mozilla In Bid To Replace Google With Bing As New Default Firefox Search

It’s been around two years since we last heard about Mozilla conducting tests for a default search engine in the context of its Firefox browser. The test included the possibility of making Microsoft Bing the new replacement.

But now, thanks to a new report by The Information, we’re getting news that it could very much be a possibility as it’s part of the SUMO study unveiling. So the latest on this front is that Microsoft is putting out a new contract with Mozilla as a means to replace Google with Microsoft Bing as the new default search engine.

And if you’re thinking the change would take time to be implemented, well, that won’t be the case. The contract with tech giant Google is all set for renewal toward the end of this year.

It’s quite fair to make an assumption about Microsoft seeking to gain some more traction in this domain as it hopes to bridge the gap in accordance with market share with tech giant Google. Remember, the latter is a very fierce competitor and it’s tough to come head-to-head against it.

As per the newest data from Statcounter, the share for Bing has been quite static with time. And the newest figures proved that Bing stood currently at 2.79% which is too far behind Google. The Android maker has a shared that comprises 92%.

Data from Statista also went on to unveil how Bing dropped off as shown by reports of last year in October and this happened to be the time when shares were peaking at 9.9%. Moreover, the latest percentage share had put Bing at a low of just 8.2.

But it’s not too negative here. We’re seeing a lot of positivity here as Bing tries to increase the share value a little when compared to figures from the past month.

It appears like Microsoft might be hoping to capitalize on this trending endeavor AI chatbots. And with the latest Bing, it has really seen a breakthrough in its engagement due to this.

Today, the search engine has managed to reach the 100 million figure for active users that was outlined for March. With time, the software giant is trying to push ahead by adding more users onto its Edge as was seen through the latest update of Patch on Tuesday. This happened to be where it was opening up the page for Default Apps when it saw how users were making use of Google Chrome.

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