OpenAI CEO Voices Support For More AI Regulation At Historic Congress Hearing

The CEO of OpenAI and a few other leaders from the tech world are expressing their views on the clause related to greater regulation for the AI sector.

Sam Altman agreed that this was the best way to go forward during a recent meeting dubbed as historic that was held this week. The shocking part is how the news is in great contrast to what was put out by some leading tech giants in terms of regulatory intervention.

But the CEO of OpenAI called it out as dangerous and favored how immediate regulation from authorities was necessary as various sectors pick up the pace and adopt the breakthrough technology.

From health and labor to the economy too- he says that AI is providing more support and benefits than before but the dangers are there and that’s why there’s a constant need for monitoring to help ward off the huge negative consequences.

Alongside Altman, other leaders from the tech world including the IBM chief and an NYU professor were seen favoring the idea of greater regulation. They agreed that such technology does come with start warnings regarding such topics as misinformation, manipulative behavior, and increased targeting.

Furthermore, the idea of organization arising at the cabinet level was outlined to help keep up to pace with the developments in the AI world. This should come with added protective measures and safety checks like that seen arising in the FDA.

Such oversight will certainly put out more rules for various risks and that means saying hello to greater regulation that’s applicable for certain cases that provide the most risk for the community.

Altman called for the creation of a new federal agency specifically tasked with issuing licenses for AI technology—licenses he said should be revoked if companies fail to comply with safety standards.

But Altman was definitely put under pressure and questioned about how he felt regarding the development of AI and whether or not it was like the creation of a bomb or a printing press. And he agreed that right now, he’s looking at it from the latter’s aspect.

There are similarly a lot more calls being made from top industry leaders in terms of regulation and how it’s necessary for both small and large entities to come together and solve the matter before it slips away.

For those people who might not be aware, in the past, we’ve seen leading tech firms including Apple and Meta fight for their rights in an active manner to prevent the regulatory intervention from coming forward.

The tech sector has already spent a staggering sum of money on the likes of advertising that helps in fighting various anti-trust measures and bills from Congress as per a report published by the WSJ.

So when you come to think of it, OpenAI isn’t the first firm that’s going to deliver an argument to the US Congress that supports regulation. We saw in the year 2020 how the CEO of Facebook was also in favor of more laws that provide protection to online apps for the sake of civil liabilities that depend on third parties.

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