New Features Coming to WhatsApp: Screen Sharing For All Users and Status Archive for Businesses

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging app, is famous for constantly evolving to bring its users new and exciting features. In recent news, WaBetaInfo reported on two upcoming features that will make WhatsApp experience even better.

Starting off with the first update, users will soon be able to share their screen while being on a video call. According to WBI, WhatsApp is working on a screen sharing feature for video calls. This means users can share their screen with the person they are talking to, allowing them to see whatever they are doing on their phone in real-time. Whether it’s showing a presentation, walking through an app, or simply sharing a funny meme, screen sharing will make video calls more interactive and engaging. It’s a fantastic tool for both personal and professional use, enabling people to collaborate, assist, and connect with others like never before.

Moving on to the second update, WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for companies around the world, and WAbetainfo has revealed an upcoming update tailored specifically for them. The latest status update will allow businesses to archive their status Android version of the app. Currently, when a business posts a status, it disappears after twenty-four hours. However, with this new feature, businesses will have the option to save their status updates, creating an archive of important information, announcements, or promotions. This will enable businesses to have a more permanent record of their status updates, making it easier to refer back to previous posts and maintain a comprehensive history of their communications. The pilot version has already been released and will soon be available to more users.

Both of these features showcase WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and providing valuable tools for businesses. Whether an individual is looking to share their screen during a video call or a business seeking to archive their status updates, WhatsApp has it covered. These features will undoubtedly elevate WhatsApp usage to new heights, making it an even more versatile and powerful platform for communication.

As with all new features, it’s important to note that they might not be available immediately for all users. WhatsApp typically rolls out updates gradually.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s upcoming screen sharing and status archive features demonstrate the app’s dedication to innovation and meeting the diverse needs of its users. With screen sharing on video calls, users can now share their phone’s screen in real-time, fostering better communication and collaboration. Meanwhile, the status archive feature empowers businesses to maintain a record of their important updates, ensuring efficient and effective communication with their customers.

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