NBCUniversal Advertising Chief Linda Yaccarino Holds Discussions With Twitter As Musk Hints At Hiring New CEO

The advertising chief of NBCUniversal is busy holding some discussions with Twitter amid speculations that she might be the company’s new CEO.

The news comes after the firm’s chief Elon Musk excitedly announced through his Twitter account that he had finally found a new CEO that would be able to take on the responsibility from him. However, he failed to name who that person is or would be.

The report from The Wall Street Journal went into detail about who Yaccarino is and how her tenure at NBCUniversal has been since she first adopted the leading role in the year 2011.

She was also known for playing the front role in launching the streaming platform as per a new report by The Journal that cited some anonymous sources while reporting talks carried out between her and Musk’s popular microblogging website.

For now, Yaccarino is remaining hushed on the matter and is not even commenting on matter. But if that is indeed the case, it’s a decision that was a long time coming as many felt perhaps the world’s second richest person really needed a break and had to put someone else in charge because he simply could not do everything on his own.

Musk is the world’s second richest individual and the main owner of Twitter but he has vowed to step down from the role of the CEO once he finds someone capable of doing the task and that might be right now.

After stepping down, he would resume the role of the firm’s executive chair and its CTO. Therefore, that means taking on the role of overseeing products, the firm’s systems operations, and also the software involved.

For now, Musk is yet to name the CEO but he did give out a hint that it would be a female as he referred to the new role as ‘She’.

Musk who is also the owner of several other leading companies including Tesla and SpaceX, had provided lots of hints when he wished to step down in the latter part of last year. The majority of people who took part in a poll last year had voted in favor of him stepping down and he hoped to do that by the end of 2023. Therefore, it seems he’s just sticking to his guns.

He has similarly been bashed by investors from Tesla who felt he was very distracted and couldn’t focus on Tesla because Twitter was taking a huge chunk of his time. Therefore, the firm was outlined as being mismanaged with fears of a downfall if things remained in this manner.

There are even reports of a board meeting taking place to speak about how serious the matter has become and if Musk should even remain as the CEO of Tesla as he was finding it hard to make time for the organization.

This sudden decision of a new CEO comes as Twitter makes a series of changes to the app with the rollout of new features such as video calls and encrypted messages through DMs.

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