Meta Rolls Out New Ways For Viewers To Add Input On Reels Displayed Across Feeds

Meta has time and time again mentioned how its Reels component has turned out to be one of the most profitable components across its apps.

This is why the tech giant is setting out new ways to add input on Reels that get displayed across feeds. And while it’s on the lookout to promote Reels further in other areas, we can’t deny how it’s one of the platform’s fastest-growing types of format for content, to date.

For starters, the company mentioned how keen it was to include a much more simplified appearance for feedback control on its Reels. This way, users could register what they wish to see in terms of more or less on a feed.

Now, users would be given a new option dubbed Show More and Show Less that would be present at the top of the three dots menu on a Reels content clip. Similarly, the tech giant says it would also be prompting more users to conduct a direct form of feedback at the screen’s bottom. This ensures it’s better aligned with the app’s algorithmic recommendations and preferences.

As revealed by Meta recently through a post, they hope to see people clicking on the show more options for reels so they would be enhancing the reel’s ranking score and other similar ones like this too. Meanwhile, clicking on Show Less would slightly decrease the ranking score. And then by capturing this direct form of feedback, would ensure all Reels get ranked in a smarter manner and comply with users’ preferences along the way too.

Such mechanisms have been employed across TikTok and other kinds of formats for short videos too. This just adds more feedback and that’s very true as this algorithm is slowly but surely getting more reliant on things like social graphs.

Meta says that nearly 20% of the content that’s displayed now across users’ Facebook feeds would be put out based on AI recommendations and their general activity. It similarly noted how AI recommendations on apps like Instagram have risen to 40%.

Classically, Meta has put great reliance upon people and various Pages that people are linked to in order to dictate which content should be displayed. But it’s now taking a step back from such a model as it has fewer feedback points that rely on such purposes.

This might be why such fast replies are very important in terms of guiding such an algorithm toward a person’s interests.

The company adds how it will be including contextual labels across the Reels player that explains why people are seeing a certain reel, for instance, as a certain friend liked it.

On the other hand, Meta is also looking forward to highlighting its Reels across the Watch feed. This would be done through a new feature called Reels shelf that is going to be included at the top of the Facebook Watch. It would simply give fast access to shorter video content, the firm confirmed.

Hence, you can now watch videos across Facebook in a seamless manner and scroll among Reels and other types of long video content too.

This all really does make sense as Reels is Meta’s most profitable and fast-growing venture. And since it’s the main driver of enhancing the amount of time people spend on this app, it’s definitely going to be loved for obvious reasons.

At the moment, it appears that Meta is switching toward a messaging application instead. And that is something it continues to dominate. But we do feel this is another interesting aspect to witness what the long-term aspects of such a shift could be.

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