Meta Is Keen On Helping Brands Build Their In-Stream Commerce Tools As It Previews More AR And Reels Ad Options

Meta is working hard to build back its in-app shopping efforts. The tech giant says it’s very keen to assist businesses who are working towards strengthening their in-stream commerce options.

It all seems to be a great feature as the world returns to online shopping with a bang, finding it to be super convenient so social media apps like Meta are willing to pull through with more options on this front.

Meta hopes to begin by previewing its long list of advertising options for both AR features and also Reels. They are both profitable ventures for the company so it makes sense as to why they want to tap into this realm sooner than later.

The tech giant has made a lot of announcements regarding the recently held IAB Newfronts where they shared more about their current performance highlights and how their latest advertising features were doing.

This includes how they are enhancing the Advantage+ campaign which is backed up by AI technology and is producing some great results for so many businesses.

For starters, we are talking about AR ads. Facebook’s parent firm wants to include more AR advertising formats through its Instagram Reels and Stories for Facebook. This is just a smart decision as it would give businesses a greater chance to interact with their target audience members as it’s so much more immersive.

As mentioned by Tech Crunch recently, Sephora was one brand that tested AR reels before the launch and that’s where the users could just add a thumbprint to their screens to produce a new kind of vibe that assists in choosing the best fragrance which makes purchases. The firm adds how more than 50% of the audience involved happened to be Gen Z.

This is a keynote worth considering as the next type of advertising formats including AR hold so much more appeal for youngsters. But it might even be a novel option for those who are older.

When you’ve got some more places to share the AR promotions, it’s just a good step in terms of facilitating a broad range of adoption for advanced advertising displays. And that is what will lead it into another phase of consumption.

At the moment, the AR glasses by Meta are in development and the tech giant says it’s going to help on that front too. Both Apple and Snapchat are also looking forward to their own launches of similar AR products

But due to cost-cutting episodes and issues, Snap has now taken a step back on this ordeal. Despite this, it continues to be a huge leader in the world of AR and would be a big player in adapting digital experiences which are interactive.

You can really expect to see a lot of this take place and while the world of AR is definitely one option that is more high cost in terms of advertising options, it’s turning into a more profitable venture, thanks to the different types of templates and tools which assist in the development of more AR.

Meta is really searching for more ways to bridge the gap toward its metaverse. And in that situation, AR is bound to play an important role in guiding more people to the digital world.

For now, Meta recently announced a range of Reels options for ads, and that entails CTA buttons across the screen. More product carousels will allow brands to put out different items across clips.

This new display option is very much like TikTok advertisements. The advertising formats are seen across Douyin as well, which is a variant of TikTok in China.

So keep those eyes open as these options are coming in a few months’ time.

H/T: Techcrunch

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