Meta Announces Its Latest VR Updates Including A New In-Car VR Project

Meta has recently invested a staggering $4 billion in developing its AR/VR division.

Facebook’s parent firm mentioned how it was trying really hard to get success in this area and that’s why it’s now putting its latest VR car project into the spotlight too.

The news comes after the company says it really did spend a lot of funds on its metaverse and now, it’s trying really hard to regain some of it back through the success of this particular division.

The question is when can users see the upcoming stage of the entire VR experience? Moreover, is it going to be better than what people have been criticizing for so long or not?

Well, it looks like Zuck and Co. continue to put out new developments that fail at justifying the huge investments at this moment in time. Some examples are awfully interesting and can be put under the category of next level.

Meanwhile, the tech giant is shedding light on more projects such as VR in moving cars and some spaces in Horizon World that only feature members so they can interact socially in private.

For starters, the VR vehicle project that was posted about in new videos came with a partnership with BMW and that is what enabled people to make the best use of the Quest headset while they were moving. Then by syncing just that, the unit and the car’s own sensory system produced the best experience.

As can be seen, the entire process for the VR system is very effective and it anchors virtual objects to some moving vehicles by making use of variable spatial locations and elements that assist in that particular interference.

This not only allows people to experience the whole immersive VR ordeal while they’re on the road but even pass through elements that enable ways to connect with the surrounding environment around you.
That’s quite cool if you ask us. But what’s even better is how you can make use of VR inside cars. And as you can imagine, the news is very big.

Meta feels strongly about how this could enable a huge shift. And when things go right, they know how it could pave the way for revolution and travel across cars, trains, and more. Similarly, it would enable more means for hands-free devices and some utilities for entertainment as well.

We’re not quite sure about how it’s going to revolutionize other ordeals but it could lead to a new future of the metaverse. People are slimming down the whole AR/VR unit. The company knows how it’s going to spark a new shift that works in the right direction.

They believe that if things do work out well in their direction, it could add more value and give rise to new and better experiences that are linked to their surroundings.

We’re not sure if a lot of people are going to be wanting to indulge in VR units while taking part in public travel but the tech giant says it’s very hopeful and optimistic about the idea.

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