Locked iPhones to Become Smart Home Displays with iOS 17

Technology giant Apple is currently thinking of rolling out the latest update for iPhone users. The company wants to roll out a feature that will allow iPhones to showcase a smart home display with the latest software version. The news was reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in their latest article.

As per the source, the upcoming feature will carry an updated display for the device and will show information including reminders, weather conditions, and any much more. However, it will only be displayed when the device is in locked state. According to Gurman, the update will somewhat be the same as the feature available on identical devices from Amazon. The main objective of rolling this update is to make the ideal phone of any use. To make it easy to read, the company plans to use a dark theme against which light-coloured text will be used.

The update will be part of the widgets. At the time of the iOS 16 release, widgets were introduced as a way of offering chunks of additional information to users, which will always be available on screen.

Currently, only the iPhone is being considered to receive the update, as the widgets are only present on these devices, and iPads still have not received their widgets from the company. In addition to this, other areas, such as the Wallet application and Share Play, are also receiving new updates.

The company aims to update the location service for the Wallet App as well as introduce a journal in which users can type in the thoughts they are having in mind. Similarly, SharePlay, a feature that allows users to watch different entertaining web series while being on FaceTime, will also be receiving a few modifications.

In a previous report from the news company, the tech giant was also working to track the emotional state of their audience with their technology. iPads are currently in line to receive the Health app, which is available for iPhone users.

It is believed that the latest smart display will officially be revealed at the upcoming tech conference to be held in the first week of June 2023.

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