LinkedIn Provides Job Seekers With Enhanced Verification Features And Alerts for Scams

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most popular and fastest-growing networking platforms to date. So it’s not surprising to see it rolling out new features for users to benefit from, time and time again.

Today seems to be one of those very occasions that we’re hearing about the firm launching some exciting new rollouts that job seekers can benefit from. This includes verification features as well as new alerts to detect scams.

And as you can imagine, the only reason why the company is emphasizing so much on the ordeal is because there have been a growing number of fake accounts taking center stage on this network. So to help combat that and provide more safety and privacy, the company says it’s rolling out new features so people can benefit.

Statistics from the app’s transparency report shed light on how the matter is concerning and before things do end up getting out of hand, it needs to be solved before it’s too late.

LinkedIn mentioned how the verification tool that is getting launched has to do with putting out details regarding firms and the posters of any recent job posting. For starters, it would provide complete verification of the brand’s main page and even email IDs for job posters. This would be done by CLEAR which happens to be the same firm that brings people to the front of lines seen at high profiles venues including airport security checks.

The company recently mentioned how it set out this offering called About This Profile to showcase when profiles were made and when was the last time it got updated, including any details linked to work emails that could be affiliated with that account.

The desire is to take out fake profiles but the app is also launching some new alerts that would serve as warnings for content deemed to be high-risk. LinkedIn mentioned through a recently published blog post how it was designed to also shed light on some scams and even provide users the chance to send out reports on things they feel are shady or not right.

The new offerings are arriving just days after we saw the company launch the latest variant of its transparency report. It provided more insights into how scams continue to rise with every passing day.

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