Google’s AI-Powered Flood Hub Service Is Now Available In 80 Different Countries

Tech giant Google is taking great pride in announcing an expansion of its Hub Service.

The much talked about AI-powered Flood Hub Service will be up for grabs in 80 different countries, the Android maker revealed today. Moreover, it was mentioned how there were pins in so many different locations around the globe where pressing on each would put forward forecasts of a week.

And that’s when it is believed that the levels of water were believed to be at a new high.

With this new expansion, we’re seeing a long list of nations joins the pack from places like Africa, Europe, as well as the Asia-Pacific region. Other than that, it has gone up expanding to locations in both the Southern and Central parts of America too.

Today. Flood Hub entails a whopping 460 million users from all over the globe and it would assist them in dealing with the earth’s evolving climate change scenario. As we speak, the sea level continues to increase and there’s a huge chance of flooding taking place as well.

Other than these types of coverage, we’re seeing this service provide forecasts that are a week long and go up to two days. Moreover, such information may be utilized by the likes of people and governments as well as firms who might be busy taking major steps like evacuations.

Flood Hub makes use of AI-powered technology to attain the best types of data sources from all over the globe like weather changes and alterations in pictures drawn up by satellites.

This form of technology then brings together two kinds of models. One of them would predict the level so water going into a river and the other predicts which places would be affected and the depth of water levels.

The Flood Hub is quite a handy service and it only makes sense as to why we’re expecting to see it turn waves around the globe with Google’s latest decision for an expansion on this front.

The search engine giant says it would alter in the near future as it continues to work at making huge forecast alerts through features such as Maps and its Search Engine.

You can see this as a huge expansion of the firm’s flagship products and the search engine giant would be making flood forecasts to so many individuals who might not be aware of the research project called Flood Hub.

We only wish the tech giant provided us with more details on this front including an exact timeframe for when it hopes to bring such forecasts toward both Search and its Maps.

This particular project is one of the many parts of the entire Crisis Response that Google is working toward. It is making the decision to give out more details regarding both wildfires as well as earthquakes that would provide protection for areas that were impacted the greatest due to this reason. This includes the long list of emergency workers that have turned into an integral part of things like this.

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