Israel Is Making Use Of New Facial Recognition Technology For Surveillance Of Palestinians, Warns Amnesty International

The state of Israel is doing everything in its power to keep Palestinians at bay. And if that includes constant monitoring then so be it.

The country is currently making use of trial-based facial recognition systems to undergo surveillance of Palestine so it can get more intelligence reports. These confirmations were recently put out by the general secretary of Amnesty International through a chilling warning revealed today.

The liberal charity announced how it was working hard in terms of growing its surveillance network and dousing down deep into the nitty and gritty details of another country that it sees as enemies. And this behavior was not okay as it just strengthens the grip that the Israeli Government has over Palestine.

More details mentioned how both Hebron and the occupied East Jerusalem were making use of facial technology for the sake of recognition. It supported a dense network comprising CCTV cameras that kept all Palestinians at bay and under a state of constant observation.

This sort of surveillance further leads to the creation of hostile environments, the firm continued to explain.

Such systems dubbed Red Wolf are designed to track Palestinians' moves and also automate the restrictions regarding their movements, it continued to explain.

So when Palestinians end up going through checkpoints at the level where such a group operates, their face gets scanned without them even knowing this. And when compared to biometric entries seen on databases that are exclusive and reveal information about Palestinians, it’s just a matter of invasion on Israel’s part.

This facial recognition system makes use of data to see if individuals may pass checkpoints and carry out a biometric enrollment of any new facial scan. If there is no entry for such an individual, they would be denied any passage.

This sort of monitoring is now getting dubbed as gamified while another system called Blue Wolf which is controlled through a platform and gives out rankings based on a figure related to the number of people in Palestine that get registered.

Commanders from Israel have sent out presents to battalions that get the highest score. This would provide a great incentive in terms of keeping Palestinians under control. Moreover, such an app also gives soldiers of Israeli troops the chance to get details about Palestinians present on another major database dubbed Wolf Pack.

The general secretary adds how they were able to document how a new kind of facial recognition system could ensure the draconian type of restrictions that would limit the movements of Palestinians that use biometric data in an illegal manner.

Additionally, there is a huge threat they have in terms of providing massive force and arbitrary arrest. Such Palestinians would now be forced to contend with the huge risk of getting tracked down through modern technology and algorithms that bar them from entering the neighborhoods depending on data stored across surveillance databases.

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