People find artwork generated by artificial intelligence to be less creative

As per a new study, people lose interest in artworks when they are told that they were created using artificial intelligence. Those who believe that only humans can do such stuff showed the strongest effect. The report was published in Computers in Human Behaviour.

AI is the future, as it is capable of completing tasks in just a few minutes that might take hours to get done by normal humans. It has a number of applications, including the ability to recognise speech and translate texts. It can also generate texts and images. With the technology getting more advanced, the tool can now generate art pieces as well, which initially were only done by humans.

Kobe Millet, the man behind the study, added that artificial intelligence was able to generate artwork similar to that done by renowned artists. Not only was it able to create artwork, but it was also able to write poems and create new maps. As a result of such advancements, researchers wanted to see the impact it has on humans and how they view artwork created by AI.

At the time of the study, it was believed that people would prefer human work over computer-generated work. In order to collect data, four tests were conducted. In each of the tests, participants were asked to review two artworks and identify which one was human-made and which one was created using AI. They were even asked to rate which one attracted them the most.

3 out of 4 tests were based on ratings of creativity, while test number 4 asked participants which artwork was worth buying. The first test had 206 Dutch candidates. Thirty-one percent of them were female. They were asked to review music created by artificial intelligence. The second test included almost 300 participants from the United Kingdom. They were asked to share their thoughts on two artworks created by humans. The third test included 404 participants from the U.K. who were asked to review AI-generated artwork. While test number four was based on 800 participants testing the findings of the first three tests.

Moving on to the results, it was revealed that in test number 1, music content produced by humans was favored the most. Similarly, in test number 2, artwork displayed as a creation from AI had the least support and was even considered to lack creativity.

In the next test, although both were AI-generated, the results were similar to test number 2. It was mainly due to the strong effect observed in people who believe artwork can only be created by humans. Test number 4 concluded the results of the first three tests as it showed that artworks perceived as human-made had a high chance of being bought by participants as compared to AI-generated work.

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