Gen Z Is Wasting Time On Social Media Instead Of Working Hard To Study And Build Brighter Careers, Top Businessman Reveals

The way TikTok has taken over the minds and time of the youth cannot be underestimated.

This popular social media app has come a long way in terms of creating a presence that cannot be denied. And with each passing day, the popularity seems to be getting stronger.

But as explained by top businessman and billionaire John Catsimatidis, Gen Z is really showing worrying signs as they’re too busy trying to get fame on the app, spending hours of their precious time and effort. Seeing them so busy on the app means having less time and focus on the real things that matter and it includes going to school and studying hard to build a bright future.

The billionaire feels this might be a huge cause of concern for the American nation because, during his time, people were busy working a sweat by working in supermarkets for 70 hours each week. And now, he’s urging students of today to do the same or face the consequences.

Playing with TikTok won’t get you far, he adds while speaking for a recently held interview with Daily Mail.

Moreover, the businessman gave the world a reality check when he expressed how it all began when his mother took the stand to throw him off comfortable couches during the summertime and make him work hard, right after he graduated from school.

He admits that he did not like the idea, at first. For him, resting on the couch throughout the summer seemed like a much more fascinating and attractive endeavor. But he later went further to claim partial ownership in the store where he was working as a means to extend his business. And in case you did not know, he has a mega net worth of $4.1 billion, thanks to this particular decision of work and then later investing in Gristedes Food. The latter is deemed to be one of the biggest chains for grocery stores across New York City.

Meanwhile, he is also the owner of the Red Apple Group which is a leading real estate firm that entails aviation too. Now, he’s on a mission to motivate the youth and provide them with sound advice about how to create the best careers and hire those individuals that are smarter than them, make sure they attain the best education, and even steer clear of all kinds of trouble as well.

He similarly feels so much more strongly about the great work ethic involved- a feature that’s rarely seen in today’s day and age. One of his famous sayings involves working hard as that is what will make it easier for you to win. He even provided proof of this with claims linked to those that work three days a week are more likely to fail than those working seven days.

He’s definitely one of the many business moguls to come forward and slam the youth for their poor worth ethics, adding how shocking it is to see youngsters not willing to work or put in the effort required for success.

Photo: Forbes/YT

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