Elon Musk’s ‘Everything App’ Concept May Soon Take Shape As Twitter’s Transformation Begins

The transformation of Twitter may soon come into play as Elon Musk tries to bring his very famous concept to life that's linked to converting the platform into an Everything App.

The tech billionaire has forever raved about how strongly he feels about this initiative and how his plans are finally coming into play for his parent firm called X Corp.

The world’s second richest person adds how he’s on the hunt to acquire another startup by the name of Laskie that’s famous for job hunting. While the details about this are still under the cover, one thing is for sure. It’s going to enable a new transformation that not a lot of people saw coming.

As mentioned by media outlet Axios, this new venture that is being bought by Musk happens to be where you’ll find plenty of tech jobs that are applicable to candidates. This makes way for the hiring of managers so they’re connected with experts from the tech world that can fill up empty vacancies.

For now, what we can confirm is that the firm has put up a very striking offer for both shares and cash and that will this platform get combined into Twitter as the Twitter chief tries to expand further into other places. He seemingly wants to build more on the app’s offers in so many more ways.

Let’s not forget how he recently stepped down from the leading role of CEO. But with Musk in charge of steering the ship and making all the calls, we are curious to see what’s next.

Most of the company’s time, since it was acquired by Musk, was spent cutting out expenses so that it could get back on track. Therefore, that meant saying hello and firing more individuals abruptly. But Musk mentioned time and time again how he has no regrets because to get the firm back on track, he did what he had to do, despite it being a difficult call.

He has now even resorted to other types of financial tricks like putting verification ticks on sale but it would not be wrong to mention that most of these failed to have any form of major impact on the company’s finances.

Now, the app is focusing more on the likes of rebuilding the app and attaining an enhanced picture which would entail a huge focus on videos and programming, thanks to big names in the industry.

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