Elon Musk Sits For An Exclusive Interview Where He Reflects Upon Twitter, Tesla, And His Carefree Tweets That Don’t Come Cheap

Tech billionaire Elon Musk recently sat down for an exclusive interview with CNBC, moments after his yearly shareholder meeting that took place in Texas.

During this incident, Elon Musk was seen reflecting upon how he ended up purchasing Twitter, despite so many odds being against him. He even shed light on what the future holds for the app. But that was just the start. He similarly mentioned how the company’s Community Notes offering had cost the firm a staggering $40 million when two of its top investors opted to limit spending on the app after they got a warning about fake marketing from the Community Notes.

He went into more specifics about negative cash flows and how the company once stood in a position where nothing seemed to be going right. Yet, he chose not to give up and continue working with the firm despite its engines being on fire.

Musk was asked about the great amount of criticism that he attains, thanks to conspiracies, and also how he gets a lot of negative feedback for tweeting all of the time. But the world’s second richest person feels he could care less about this.

He knows that the tweets don’t come cheap and do end up costing him a lot of money but he adores putting out his personal views in the public eye in terms of his thoughts and work.

In the same way, he explained how he only takes around 2 or 3 days off each year and loves working seven days a week while attaining six sleep hours on a daily basis.

Next came the controversial subject of remote working or working from home where he says the laptop class is going in the wrong direction and it’s just morally incorrect to work from the comfort of your home when workers doing manual labor still have to show up to factories and be productive.

Next came the subject of his popular electronic vehicle manufacturing company called Tesla. And the billionaire adds how the next year would be hard for them when looking at things through a macroeconomic perspective as the rates of interest are high with plenty of real-time data on demand for his vehicles to have better pricing.

But at the end of it all, there’s not a lot that can be done in terms of that, he adds. There will be high interest rates and that means seeing things get super expensive with each passing day.

Hence, in situations when the monthly budget is making it hard to meet ends, people are going to have fewer funds to make a purchase for luxuries.

Then came discussions about China and the effects on the global economy if the country ends up making a move and controlling nations like Taiwan. And according to him, separating joined twins is the best way to describe this.

Then came a discussion about the involvement of ChatGPT maker OpenAI and how it only persists as he wished for more non-commercial alternatives that put up a fight against the growing dominance of AI in terms of the search engine giant Google.

His huge dilemma is how the root cause of starting it up was to serve the public and not enjoin on taking profits but at this moment in time, the opposite seems to be taking place.

It was similarly interesting to see what he had to say about the world of politics. According to him, Joe Biden won in 2020, fair and square. He does not believe there was any rigging involved at all.

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