Apple Hits New Record As The Average Selling Price For iPhones Stands At An All-Time High

The success of Apple’s iPhones cannot be underestimated and a new report by the CIRP is showcasing that point in another great way.

After a follow-up of the report speaking about the most loved iPhones of 2023, the CIRP mentioned how Apple is breaking some serious records, despite it being a challenging quarter.

The iPhone currently stands at an all-time high average selling price. And the CIRP mentioned through a new report how things like this aren’t usually witnessed in unlikely quarters such as the one we're currently in.

Usually, the quarters of the holiday season and that of September always turn out to be the most profitable ones of them all. The average iPhone selling prices during this time are high because most people are so eager and anxious to get their hands on the device. After all, these are premium models and you’ve got to flaunt the purchase as soon as it’s released, right?

Today, Apple was really able to make some great increases in terms of iPhones and the average sellout prices arising during the quarter of March in 2023 were no exception. With time, the price has increased from the likes of just $882 to a whopping $988.

The data from CIRP showed how alongside the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro turning out to be the most popular variants of them all for 2023, this was bound to be a huge factor in terms of the rise in average selling price.

Furthermore, the CIRP noted how there would be an upgrade in storage and clients would be going more for variants like iPhone 14 or 14 Plus in comparison to a 13 mini from a year back as two further tailwinds arose.

In conclusion, the CIRP noted how the current global market strength for iPhones that are used is supporting the huge trade-in figures. As a result, this would automatically cause a reduction in the expense of the new device and slowly encourage the purchases of models that are more exclusive or from the premium range.

This came with further confidence linked to how it would end up retaining more value with time so this is always a great start and one that the Cupertino tech giant won’t mind.

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