New Survey Says US Consumers Don’t Understand Common Terms Users To Describe AI Products

Ever since we saw the makers of ChatGPT release the widely popular and revolutionary language model chatbot, the fascination of the general public toward AI models began to skyrocket. And that’s when we saw the private sector generate responses of that kind.

All types of firms arising from different sectors across the board were seen entering into a new kind of race that includes such technology and its various benefits. Did we reveal how the number of AI mentions in earning calls that were released for the quarter featured at a whopping frequency of 75%?

But with all the good, we forget to mention one basic thing. There’s a major issue in terms of firms marketing the ordeal in a boastful manner. It’s leaving a lot of people confused because the terminology is not something that a lot of people may relate to. And as you can imagine, that could be a problem.

The results come to us thanks to a new survey conducted by Morning Consult that proved how despite the huge frenzy linked to AI, many US consumers are not too sure what exactly some phrases mean and the fact that they’re being blown out every second is daunting.

A total of ten common marketing terms were outlined including Powered by AI and Includes AI. in addition to that, we saw the survey reveal how several firms provided support in terms of making use of AI produced spokesperson, online avatars, or social media influencers to better their marketing approach. And this was variable in terms of generation and gender too.

A whopping 46% of men and 52% of millennials claimed to show approval for the practice as compared to women who stood at 28% and baby boomers who stood at 20%.

So many Americans claim to be just so confused with the ordeal and don’t know what else to say about these buzzwords. They’re just used too commonly and that can be a problem. And it’s just younger men who are seemingly the most confident about the words used while the rest are just not sure anymore.

Meanwhile, the survey proved that the word AI Image Generation was the word having the greatest level of comprehension confidence in all demographic groups, other than Gen X and females.

Furthermore, words and phrases like AI-enhanced productivity and AI task automation turned out to be least understood in terms of demographics. Among those, Gen Z adults, males, and millennials produced the best results in terms of understanding the tested phrases.

On the other hand, the survey’s results show how respondents were split up in terms of supporting and opposing firms making use of AI spokespeople, avatars, and social media stars.

Are we really surprised at the results? Not really, and that’s because a lot of companies have previously spoken about how they feel at a certain level of discomfort in terms of AI. Therefore, they’re taking the needed steps to communicate the technical use through language that’s more familiar.

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